Art step daddy? What the fuck is that? Im sure you all looked at that title with confusion, as you should. Here at Art Daddy, we strive to bring together female creatives and minds to build a stronger industry. Our Step Daddies are here to do that and really help run the company when it comes to promotions, finding creatives, and making a bond.

How to become a  Art Step-Daddy

 You want to become an Art Step Daddy? Shit, who wouldn’t! You can join our team with a few simple steps! But what’s it like?

Well I’m glad you’re curious because you’re still reading ; )


Being an Art Step Daddy can come with a list of promotional responsibilities to help run our up and coming company. It begins in stages, you will receive a 10% discount code to give customers to enter during check out, as your code is tracked and used more and more you reach levels of becoming an Art Step Daddy. Based on your sales will determine 10-15% commissions. To start off all Step Daddies receive a 30% off discount code for any of your purchases. As more people use your code, you reach higher levels of promotional work including social media posts which you will be paid to promote and becoming the face of our brand and receive Art Daddy Team goodies!


Being an Art Step Daddy you are taking a commitment to our starting off company and team to the come up of our success. We are working around the clock to keep orders on time and customers in check, and as many people as satisfied that we can! The more you help us make the more you make! If you are interested in becoming apart of our team send an email to , Saying you are interested and we would be more then happy to send you an application! There are no fee’s within this process and we will respond to your email in less than 24 hours. Come join our team now!


Meet Your Art Step Daddy Jae

Hey Daddykins, my name is Jaelene also go by the name Jae aka Step Daddy Jae here xo

I am a full time new mommy and a full time college student. I've been of friend of Caroline for 5 years and have watched her grow. I fully support her as a friend and her art work. I have partnered up with her to help connect with people, promote her products and manage the website. You can consider me the brains behind keeping this company running. I support Art Daddy and here to help her grow!


IG @Jaecipx3

Meet Your Art Step Daddy CC

Hey Daddy Gang! My name is CC and I'm a dancer/actress from NYC. I love any and all types of artistry because I feel that the best way to express yourself is through art. I'm so happy to be apart of the Art Daddy Ambassador program and love to collab with other talented creatives to bring a vision to life!
Last link is for my new company if you wanna check it out!

Meet Your Art Step Daddy Dani 

“Hi Daddy! LSDani aka Step-Daddy Dani here, I am a New York bred and based Artist and online content creator across a variety of mediums. I received my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in the discipline of Studio Art which is a delicate application of Fine Art principles expressed through newer forms of creative technology. You can check out my photographic portfolio at “” and also check out my many other forms of Art and get connected with me via Instagram @O.RT.Z!

Stay creative, stay eccentric, and stay Daddy AF! “

Meet Your Art Step Daddy Liana

Hey Daddy Fam! My name is Liana. Some people call me Lili aka Step Daddy Lili here. I am a fashion lover and content creator from Long Island. I have a Bachelors Degree in International Trade & Marketing and love all types of artistry and creative talent. 

Instagram: _lianacamila