Caroline DePietto is a New York born graphic designer. While she was growing up, Caroline always stood out in a room full of people due to her larger-than-life personality and her extensive artistic ideas. She has always had an eye for creativity. When she is not designing posters or prints, she is either freelancing or is working on her multi-media based artistic abilities. During her time in college, Caroline achieved a B.A. in Fine Arts from Coastal Carolina University. Upon coming back home to New York after graduating, she has decided to approach life with a different path than most. After having major difficulties acquiring a job in her home state, she realized it would be very difficult to even get past an interview with no experience.

 Coming back home after multiple years of being an independent woman, it mentally and emotionally weakens a person who has built up strength and self-righteousness over a period of time. When most people would have given up or settled for a job in order to produce a steady income flow, Caroline stayed true to herself and her dreams and continued her journey into the art community. Art Daddy all started in her senior year at CCU during her capstone thesis art show. She started it as a joke to mock the faculty and the staff, but as time progressed…she ended up loving it so much that she turned that name into the brand that it is today. She not only thinks it fits her finalized art projects as well as her personality, but she also calls herself The Art Daddy!

 Now, Art Daddy is finally being introduced to the public eye due to Caroline’s bionic intuition for creativity and ideas for her clients in all parts of the country, and the world. Her new vision at twenty-three is a modern female who is refined and communal. Caroline loves to help local artists in other areas and believes that artists need to combine their efforts in order to create better artists for tomorrow.


I think its time...Wanna See Some Art Daddy?